In 1999, gemstone bracelets were all the rage. With the family DIY mentality, Merrick and her mother began producing small bangles and bobbles for their personal jewelry stashes. Satisfied with her creations, Merrick began selling pieces to clients at her father's salon, who soon began to custom order, purchase pieces as gifts and recommend Merrick's jewelry to friends. Thus "Circles by Merrick" was formed and quickly became a small cottage industry.
Circles by Merrick was the quintessential creative outlet for a then teenage Merrick. She participated in private trunk shows, lent pieces of her collection for high school and community functions and kept a loyal clientele at the salon. In 2002, Merrick was accepted at the University of Texas at Austin. Hoping to focus on academics, Merrick took a hiatus from her creative endeavors. The vats of beads and supplies remained under her dorm room bed. Six years later, a college degree and a new last name, Merrick Bean is reinvigorating her passion for jewelry. Realizing her purpose as a designer and an entrepreneur. Merrick has transformed "Circles by Merrick" into the more mature and dynamic Merrick brand.

Merrick makes a monthly donation to World Vision to support Patricia Solanzo from Uganda, Africa